Integrated ICT Solutions


& Services


The main strength of ALMAZEN lies in the blend of professionals, specialized and highly focused operation.

Increasing customer awareness is the strength where it excels over its competitors. 


Our strength lies in our ability to blend current management practice and IT expertise into cost-effective computer aided management solutions, products, and services.

Our offers cover the following major areas:

Computing Systems (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Accessories, etc).

Enterprise Systems (Server, and Storage Solutions).

Printing Systems (Multifunction, and POS Solutions).

Network and Security Solutions (Router, Switch, Firewall, and Surveillance Solutions).

Power Solutions (UPS, Inverter, Solar, and Batteries).

Network Infrastructure Solutions (Cabling, Equipment, and Installation).

Data Centre Operations and Service Delivery (Networking, Fire System).

Business Application Solutions (Microsoft, and Oracle Platform).

Project Management Support.

Maintenance and Support Solutions.

Computer Systems and Servers Supply

Our company is fully involved in offering high-level solution using products and solution from our partners such as: LENOVO; HP; DELL; ACER; EPSON; CISCO; Fortinet; SOPHOS; ORACLE; MICROSOFT; APC; Tiandy.


In meeting up with clients demand and being competitive in price, we also offer a wide range of hardware from other manufacturers like Maxma; Logitech; WD; QNAP; Crucial; Transcend; Kingston.

Video Conferencing  /Telepresence

The advancement of technology comes with a lot of change in the way we are able to communicate, connect and even go about business and execute our obligations. 


One such technology that has brought a revolution in the communications industry is telepresence. 


As a partner to major OEMs of telepresence solutions, we are sure to offer you world-class and cost-effective telepresence solutions.

Data Center Infrastructure and Network Solutions

We offer high-tech design, set-up, and installation of the data, power, communication, surveillance, and fire equipment in data centers.


We design state-of-the-art data centers with technologically advanced infrastructure to meet client’s needs from start to finish.


We design, set-up and implement Local Area Networking (LAN), Wide Area Networking (WAN), Metropolitan Area Networking (MAN), Campus LAN, and Wireless LAN solutions.


We offer full-scale network security features using authenticated IPS/IDS (Intrusion Prevention/ Detection System) on the entire network (Firewall and proxy servers, antivirus, Internet Security Software Package).

In addition, our employment of virtual private networks, digital signatures, and additional security at access points ensures that our network auditing capacity is at the highest level.

Also provide, install, and configure high quality, fast-acting IP-based and Analogue CCTV surveillance systems and services with 24/7 availability that effectively meets your need.

Business Solutions and Application Platforms

As partners with OEMs, we offer various enterprise solutions to suit your business needs, these will surely give a competitive advantage for businesses. They include Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

Consultancy Services

Our first-class managed support services are aimed at helping small, medium, and large organizations cope with day-to-day ICT activities within the organization to save money, time, and effectively manage their ICT resources and investment. 


We offer various types of managed services so that businesses can concentrate on their core functions while we take the stress off them.


These services can be in-house, remote, on-call, or regular maintenance through different fields:
Service Center Support; On-Site Premium Support; Remote Support; On-Call Support; Regular Maintenance Support.

Power Systems and Electrical Installation

We have expertise in the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of AC and DC power systems, and electrical cabling and installations.


Project Management

For project management services, we engage in helping clients manage their installations based on their setout objectives.

For the duration of the project, we would need to work closely with your staff at different levels, the service providers/ contractors, suppliers, and other parties for the successful completion of the project.

Below is the breakdown of major tasks that would require the Client's assistance to execute in a timely manner:
- The initiating processes
- Planning and design
- Executing
- Monitoring and controlling
- Closing
- Knowledge Transfer


At ALMAZEN, our commitment is to consistently uphold the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of the ICT and related services, and employing leading-edge technology to deliver top-notch customer service.


Our dedicated team of professionals has been delivering excellent and innovative skills for over 20 years. 
During this time, we have worked with most major national and international organizations in Yemen.


It's really important to us that our customers are happy with the products and services we provide to them. One of our key company values, Customer Obsession, is all about putting our customers first!